Annual client gifts are a fun tradition that give us an excuse to get the things we’ve been eyeing all year. We try to avoid the frivolous, the disposable and the self-serving; instead our gifts are things that we’d like to receive ourselves which have lasting value and represent the spirit of Lat Long, without being plastered in our branding.  Our theory is that something meaningful and useful will be reminder enough of our focus on tangible success and craftsmanship.  This year has been a banner year for adventure and travel writing – dozens of “coffee table” books were published that have left us yearning for more coffee table space. So we decided that helping our clients build their own exploration libraries would be the focus of our 2018 gift list. The Books We’re Gifting Honorable Mentions These books were on our list of consideration, but didn’t quite match any of our recipients’ interests. While we didn’t gift them to anyone, they could definitely be a great gift for someone this holiday season or throughout the year!